Warehouse and Industrial Market | Moscow | Q1 2023



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Warehouse and Industrial Market | Moscow | Q1 2023
24 апреля 2023
We are pleased to present a report on the warehouse real estate market in Moscow for Q1 2023.
After the unstable situation of the previous year, the main indicators of the warehouse market in the Moscow region are stabilizing.
There is a decrease in the volume of premises offered for rent, with only 1.9% of vacant space available by the end of the first quarter of 2023. An increase in business activity of market consumers has become one of the key factors contributing to a reduction in vacancy rate. The total volume of purchased and rented space in the first quarter of 2023 reached 369 thousand square meters, which is twice the result of the same period last year. As a result, the imbalance between supply and demand is beginning to increase again. With the current demand trends, the rental rate, currently at 5,798 rubles per square meter per year, is expected to continue to rise.
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